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  • In the digital era, the virtual world has become our reality. Interactions in the physical world have shifted and now we interact through the virtual world. Technological advancements have turned the internet into an online encyclopedia as all the information that we need can be found on the internet. The internet has also become a source of entertainment. The internet has got a boost as a source of information, entertainment, and communication with the current global pandemic wreaking havoc in our lives and limiting our physical connection with the world. In such a situation, virtual realities will become our future, and here’s where Metaverse enters the picture.
  •  If you are a fan of technology and the virtual world, this interesting blog post will be perfect for you.
  •  In this post, we will be covering what Metaverse means, key characteristics of Metaverse, when and how Metaverse originated, examples of companies that use Metaverse, and what the future holds for Metaverse.

 What does Metaverse mean?

To understand the term, “Metaverse”, we need to know about two other terms – “meta” which means beyond, and “verse” which means “the Universe”. These are the words that help in the formation of the term, “metaverse”. A combination of virtual truths that exist on the internet makes up Metaverse technology. In the virtual world of Metaverse, you will find experiences, environments, tools, and institutions that coexist on the internet. Metaverse technology is touted as the future of the internet which includes virtual platforms that connect the global community of people.

Key Characteristics of Metaverse

Now that we know what Metaverse means, let’s dive into the section where the key characteristics of Metaverse are explained. Here are the key characteristics:

 1) It is interactive in nature – A metaverse is interactive in nature in the sense that various virtual worlds interact with each other to replicate the real world. In other words, two users can not only interact with each other but also with the various elements of the metaverse.

 2) It is continuous in nature – You cannot close a metaverse which means virtual reality continues to exist with information being stored in it in huge amounts. This means the metaverse will not fade into oblivion.

 3) It is a dummy of the real world – As has already been mentioned, the global pandemic has made the virtual world extremely important for us. Therefore, it has the potential of becoming a dummy of the real world that will lead us to the “metaverse” – a universe beyond the present one.

 When and how did Metaverse originate?

The term “metaverse” first appeared in a science fiction piece, “Snow Crash”, written by Neal Stephenson in 1922. In Stephenson’s metaverse, humans interacted and communicated with each other in a 3D virtual world that had similarities with the real world. The term has been used ever since to describe a virtual world that has similarities with the real world. We have been able to trace the origin of the metaverse, owing to technological advancements. Today, the internet has become the dummy of the real world.

 Companies that make use of the Metaverse technology

Metaverse technologies are already in use in present times and some of the companies that use this technology are as follows:

 1) MicrosoftMicrosoft which has now grown into a leading computer software manufacturer was established in 1975. How does it make use of the metaverse technology? Microsoft uses the metaverse technology in the field of enterprise operations to create a 3D virtual world of enterprise operations.

 2) FacebookFacebook, which was launched in 2004, is one of the most popular social media platforms that we have today. Facebook is all set to embrace the metaverse technology to enable interactions and communications in the 3D virtual world.

 3) AmazonAmazon which was launched metaverse worldin 1994 is one of the biggest technology-based companies that we have today. Amazon is all set to use a metaverse blockchain to create a virtual economy that will help expand its customer base while increasing its popularity as a tech giant.

 What does the future hold for Metaverse technology?

The internet and social media platforms constitute just the trailer to a bigger picture, which is the metaverse world. The global pandemic has made us familiar with the world that the technology of the metaverse will create but still, we are not aware of the era that lies forward where there will be no physical or social interactions but virtual interactions and even virtual economy. Even then the metaverse technology will add a new feather to our technological advancement cap.


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