Activision Blizzard is dealing with still another intimate harassment lawsuit, that one filed by way of a previous worker whom alleges that the woman supervisor on business involved in “sexist and harassing conduct” against the lady consistently after she ended up being employed, threatened the woman work if she declined to consent to intercourse, as well as threatened to show a “compromising picture” she’d distributed to him years early in the day—and that Activision Blizzard administration ended up being conscious of the specific situation but did absolutely nothing to approach it.

The anonymous plaintiff first came across and formed a “virtual relationship” aided by the defendant, Miguel Vega, during 2009 or 2010—before she started working at Activision Blizzard—during which time “she unfortunately delivered him compromising pictures of by herself.” That relationship finished last year whenever plaintiff came across the woman husband to be, however in 2016 Vega assisted the lady in finding a work being an separate specialist on business, that has been upgraded up to a full-time place in 2020.

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