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A2 Hostinger Review

Hosting of the website is considered as most of the important thing in this era because everybody wants to get the result of their searches in a few milliseconds. it is the need of the hour for any website to get it upgraded with the best SSD hosting provider. 

Many companies are being top-rated by many customers and the users who are currently using it. If you are ready to replace your existing hard disk with a highly developed SSD hosting, then you need to know the name of the best company and also its pros and cons.

Finding the best SSD hosting can be a tough task for anyone, especially for a person who is going to set up his/her website, so we are going to help you a little bit in this troublesome task. So on today’s date, A2 hosting is one of the best hosting providers available in the market. 

So, we are now going to discuss A2 hosting in every aspect so that you get every possible thing related to the provider. In this content, you are going to get all the perspectives related to a2 hosting review which will convince you to thought at least once related to A2 Hosting. 

What is A2 hosting and why it is so popular?

A2 Hosting is a hosting provider which got its recognition due to its commitment to providing 20 times faster services than that of any other hosting service provider. A2 has termed its hosting service as “turbo services” because it is the fastest service to date. 

This promise of A2 only takes us to a place where we need to look over its reviews to confirm that it is the best service provider though. Secondly, they promise to give a green eco-friendly service which means A2 has been carbon neutral since they have been launched. 

A rapid overview of A2 hosting: 

A2 was developed by Bryan Muthig which is especially known for its super powerful capacity to make your website and server perform well. They have special “turbo services that let you make your server and website speed up to around 20 times more than that of a normal hosting provider. 

Not only providing unlimited storage facility it also helps in getting you free site migration, speeding up the site’s speed, and many more. 

Before reviewing the A2 web hosting, we are going to discuss some web hosting solution which is generally common in practice and are also compatible with A2 hosting provider: 

A2 Web Hosting

  • Shared hosting: it comes with three basic plans named lite, swift, and turbo. These all offer an equal amount of storage, transfer of data, and a panel that can control all the account details of the user. 
  • Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting has a range from 300 GB to 200 GB which turns out to be a pretty storage capacity for a new and small website that has less amount of requirement. A2 has a wide range of Reseller options from which you can choose easily. The pricing is also mid-ranged, it can be a good investment for a short period. 
  • VPS Hosting: it is one of the top types of hosting. It is very unique and user-friendly also. And A2 has two types of it’s, namely unmanaged and managed VPS hosting. It doesn’t clash upon any servers because it is a very responsible kind of hosting. Since there are internal 3 types of VPS hosting, it differs in price also. 
  • Cloud hosting: if you want to scale up your server or website within few years then Cloud hosting is the best option. You just need to customize the characteristics all you need to speed up your website and that’s all you need to do.
  • Dedicated server hosting: in this hosting type also, A2 has two options which are managed and unmanaged hosting. It is used when there are huge communications and interactions between two servers or websites. It is a very manageable kind of hosting. 

So after discussing all these types of popular hosting types, it becomes easier to review A2 hosting. Now moving forward we need to discuss some of the excellent which has maintained the image of A2 hosting till now. 

Features of A2 Hosting provider

Unlimited storage: one of the most important features is to have unlimited storage because it is the most important preference because servers and websites require much space to manage all the stuff on the website. More space can make it work faster and easier also.

Unlimited bandwidth: bandwidth helps you to transfer whatever file you want to transfer from your site to another site. It gives to freedom to exchange a large number of files from one site and another site. 

Free site migration: this is a very important feature because it let you move your site from one hosting to another hosting. And secondly, it shouldn’t cost anything to move from one site to another site.

Keep your speed up to around 20x faster than any other hosting provider: the main feature A2 has is to keep you ahead 20x from any of your competitors. Because in this speedy world, people will only choose the company which can show them result in few milliseconds. 

Install WordPress in just one click: WordPress is one of the most accepted hosting options so every customer will opt for that option for sure. So with just a click, you can install WordPress without any delay. Not only this, you will get a preconfigured WordPress that will be speedy previously only.

Get an all-around customer service: you can a 24×7 all-around customer service in phone, chats, and phone as well. 

What all they have as extra features:

To get good and top reviews they have been adding a few new features every time so that they stay in the race for the best hosting provider. Let’s look upon those extra beneficial features that can get them good reviews: 

Developer-friendly Hosting: it is termed to be developer-friendly hosting because it let you customize your website according to your feature which will you inculcate in the hosting. This customization will help you get a nice, strong, and speedy website.

Domain Registration: you can register your new domain or you can transfer your existing domain into a new one. This freedom to the user isn’t provided by every hosting provider available in the market. You just need to select the country of yours and then select the type of domain you require and that’s it. 

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A2 Hosting

Your domain is ready with great loading speed. Also, there are some features under domain registration that you will look for like having protection against your personal information in the domain, prevention of domain hacking or hijacking from any unknown sources, and the most important that you can customize your domain because it’s your domain so its need to be your designs only.

Domain transfer: we have earlier mentioned that it also has to transfer facilities but it can transfer domains also not only files. So you can transfer your existing domain into a new domain.

SSL Certificate: SSL Certificate is the most crucial thing because it helps in providing privacy and protection to your site. There are many options like free SSL Certificate, Single site SSL, Advanced SSL, Wildcard SSL.

Swift servers and Turbo Hosting: Turbo Hosting is the quality that can help you get a super optimized website. It helps any user to get an unlimited site performance and speed. 

Now let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the A2 hosting because for any review it is the most important perspective. If you get to know about the pros and cons you can review anything much better.


Site speed: it’s on the positive side for sure. Because as per its promises it has 20x speed than that of its other competitors. It will perform equally well irrespective of what plan you are choosing or using. According to research, it approximately loads HTML pages 143% faster.

Multiple Datacenter: having multiple data centers is a positive feature because it helps you to get a better and speedy website. If they have multiple centers they can work upon the features more steadily and positively.

Uptime Guarantee: A uptime guarantee is very important because it will ensure you that 99.99% of the time your site or server will not crash in any condition which is a very big commitment to its customers and users.

Possibility of growth: after dealing with them, you’ll get assured that you’ll get room for your growth of your site as well as your hosting. As it comes with a timely update that makes it upgraded and updated according to the time.

Top securities Measures: security is very important to everybody when it comes to your site’s security the same applies. They are very multitasking, they have multi-step security which consists of 1-time site cleanup, website monitoring, account firewall, and protection.

E-Commerce friendly: if you are ready with your online shopping website, then you need to have A2 hosting along with your site to make it perform well and speedily.


Migration Fees: downloading and uploading process is very easy but it sometimes turns out to be costly. They have three types of migration fees like upgrading fee, downgrading fees, and migration of files from another site. So it kind of turns out to be a negative point related to them

Limited Bonus Features: There are many hosting sites where you can get many bonuses after you get along with them. But A2 doesn’t do so regularly. They have a longer duration of periods to give away bonus features.

So in total, we can such a huge number of pros and only two cons which will make you convinced that if you are investing in A2 hosting then you are investing in a good hosting provider that will walk along with you for a longer time for sure.

Now after viewing all the stuff related to the A2 hosting reviews, we get that you’ll think to get an A2 hosting provider for your site. Buying an A2 hosting provider isn’t that hard but it can be a bit heavy for your budget for sure. As its annual, as well as the monthly upgrade, is a little bit costlier. So to release this burden from your shoulder we have got some options that will let you get you, A2 hosting provider. 

A2 Hosting

  • web hosting coupon codes: these are some coupons that can help you get some extra discount when you buy the hosting provider. There are different hosts which provide you different deal along with different coupon code. Like Bluehost gives you a deal of saving 65% of total shared hosting and its coupon is Link. Another popular site is Domain.com which lets you save around 64% and it also has a coupon of Link. One more popular host is GoDaddy which gives you some best deals on all products and it has its unique coupon. 
  • A2 Hosting coupons: these coupons are one of the best ways to get some extra discount in the process of buying A2 hosting. They also know that due to a high price nobody will want to such a good hosting provider, so you just need to have A2 hosting coupons to get some extra discounts.
  • A2 hosting promo code: Alike coupon codes there are promo codes also that can help you avail some extra discount if you contacted the right host for you. You just need to know about the hosting type, price, and coupon and that’s all. 

So this was an all-over review related to one of the best hosting providers which is the “A2 hosting provider”. Hope it turns out to be helpful if you are planning to switch your hosting provider to an A2 hosting provider. 



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