Instagram is perhaps the most famous social media platform out there. Instagram appears to have numerous bugs that cause the application to crash as often as possible. Multiple users have complained that Instagram continues to crash on both Android and iOS. Aside from that, most users experience Instagram crashing while at the same time uploading stories or opening DM. In this guide, I will tell you to fix Instagram crashing problems.

Fix Instagram crashes

Here are the steps that we have given to fix the Instagram crashing issue on both Android and iOS.

  1. Clear Cache


  1. Clearing cache is the least demanding approach to fix numerous issues, including problems crashing on Instagram. Open Instagram and open “Application Data”. Then, tap on “Storage and Cache“. 
  2. Here, tap on “Clear Cache” and afterward re-open Instagram. Presently onwards, Instagram should not crash. 


  1. On iOS, you can’t clear the store independently, so you need to uninstall the Settings page application. It will erase related data (cache) of Instagram also. For doing this, choose Settings and then proceed towards General – > iPhone Storage. 
  2. Here, look down and open Instagram. At this point tap on “Delete Application”, and your work is done. At last, open the Application Store and reinstall Instagram. After you sign in, Instagram will not crash once more. 

  1. Update the Instagram App or System Update


  1. On the off chance that the above technique didn’t fix the issue, check on the off chance that you have an application update forthcoming. Open Play Store and available “My Applications“. Now, search for the Instagram app and update it. 
  2. Then, you ought to likewise check if you have a system update forthcoming. System updates accompany many fixes and can resolve crashing issues on Instagram. Open Settings and move to the system – > System Updates. Presently, check for updates and install them immediately. 


  1. Likewise, on iOS, open the Application Store and afterward tap on “Today” at the lower part of the screen. Here, tap on your profile symbol. Look down and check if Instagram has any forthcoming updates. Provided that this is true, tap on Update. After the Update is done, open Instagram and check whether it’s crashing. 
  2. Aside from that, you can check for system updates on iOS. On the off chance that there’s an update forthcoming, download and install it. 
  3. Reinstall the Instagram Application 

Assuming the above steps didn’t work by any means, you would straight be able to uninstall the application up and reinstall it once more. 


  1. Open the Instagram application and “Uninstall”. From that point forward, open the Play Store and install Instagram. Presently, sign in to your account, and the crashing issue ought to be gone. 


Open the Instagram application and “Uninstall”. Whenever you have done that, open the Application Store and reinstall Instagram. At last, sign in to your Instagram account and check whether you are as yet confronting crashing issues on your iPhone. 

Stop the Beta Program 


  1. At times, users are taken on the Instagram beta program, and we don’t know about it. The Beta versionis, for the most part, unstable and is inclined to crashing issues. For stopping beta program open Instagram on the play store.
  2. From that point forward, look down, and you would discover “You are a beta tester” on the off chance that you are joined up with the program. Presently, tap on “Leave”, and you are practically done. 
  3. Restart the play store application. Presently, open Instagram and update the application. Now, you will get steady builds and will not face crashing issues. 


On iOS, on the off chance that you are tried out beta testing, you should have the TestFlight application. Assuming this is the case, at that point, open it and unenrolled from the Instagram beta program. On the off chance that you don’t have the TestFlight application, don’t stress, you are not into the beta program, and you can go through the different methods described below. 

  1. Wait Out 

I realize this seems like an abnormal answer for Instagram slamming issues; however, trust me, sitting tight for a couple of hours may fix the problem. Allow me to clarify. Instagram utilizes the Facebook SDK on its application (SDK permits consistent login and profound joining). In the previous few months, the Facebook SDK has been famous for slamming applications, including Instagram, Spotify, Kindling, etc. What’s more, the issue has been far-reaching, particularly on iOS. 

Facebook, in its assertion, said that because of some code changes, the slamming issue was set off. Afterward, the bug was fixed, and Instagram and numerous other applications began working with no smashing issues. When nothing works, these lines endure it and let the engineers set the slamming issue on Instagram. 

  1. Check If Instagram is down 

As well as sitting tight for bug fixes, in the meantime, you can likewise check if Instagram is crashing only for you or everybody around you. On DownDetector, you can check the constant status of Instagram around the globe. It has a blackout map where you briefly look at Instagram having issues everywhere in the world.

  1. Instagram crash when uploading Story? 

On the off chance that Instagram is crashing while at the same time uploading Instagram stories, the issue may be with the media file. I have confronted this issue

Commonly, and one thing has fixed the problem. Assuming it’s a video and encoded utilizing some new codecs, convert it to a typical one that Instagram is viable with. 

For instance, if your video is taken at 4K60FPS, attempt to change the video to 1080p@30FPS and change the format to MP4/H.264. This is the best video, a viable format for Instagram. Also, if it’s a HEIC/HEIF picture, convert it to JPG or PNG for better similarity.

  1. Instagram Crashes When You Open DM? 

Assuming Instagram crashes when you open a DM, it very well may be brought about by numerous logins on various devices. To clear all your past logins login activity page on the web browser and click on your logins. From that point onward, click on “Logout” to eliminate the device confirmation. Presently, physically log out from the Instagram application on your phone and re-login once more. This time, try not to confront crashing issues on Instagram.