• Snapchat is a popular app that mostly entertains Millenials and more so with its fun lingo and interesting features. To stay relevant, Snapchat comes up with new features every now and then. So much so that it is difficult to remember its original features. However, all of this is done to keep it interesting and relevant. Do you know Snapchat is coming up with new features in 2021?
  •  Nowadays, everyone uses Snapchat, not just Millenials. It boasts 500 million active users every month. That’s right!
  •  In this post, we will be explaining what Snapchat is and what its features are. We will also be throwing light on its 5 upcoming features in 2021.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat as you know is an app suitable for both Android and iOS operating platforms. On this app, once a photo or video is sent, the recipient can have access to it only for a short span of time after which they can no longer access it. This is much different than other apps that store photos and videos for as long as you can imagine. Developed by a public company called Snap and spearheaded by co-founder Evan Spiegel, the app was built the way it was to make interactions more natural.

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What are the features of Snapchat?

1)  Through Snapchat not only can you send photos on a person-to-person basis but also video chat live, send messages, create funny content like caricatures, and even send short videos. You can create a chronological story through photos and broadcast the same to all your followers. Do you want to view content in short form by renowned publishers? If yes, you can search the content in the “Discovery” section.

2)  Do you want to store photos and videos in a private storage section? If yes, Snapchat allows you to do just that.

 3)  With Snapchat, you can even add interesting filters, and AR lens to your short photos or videos i.e snaps and send them across to everyone.

 4)  Although the snaps vanish after they have been opened by the recipient, they have the option of capturing a screenshot and can even respond to your short photos, and videos with their own short photos or videos. Doesn’t this sound fun? Well, it is.

 5)  Some common lingo you should be aware of if you are a snap chatter: – snap (photo or video that is sent or received), story (snaps linked together and broadcasted to followers), score (the number next to a Snapchat handle that shows the number of photos or videos sent or received), and lens (AR-based feature with sound and special effects).

 5 Upcoming Snapchat Features

Now that we know about Snapchat and its features, let us dive into the part where we will talk about 5 upcoming features of Snapchat. They are:-

1)    The “Cancel Send” button – You can click on the “Cancel Send” button if you intend to cancel the process of sending a message. In other words, for an undelivered message, you can use the “Cancel send” button to put a halt to the message-sending process.

 2)    The “Favorite Stickers” section – You must be familiar with other apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook and you must be aware of the section where you can see the favorite stickers that you use frequently. Well, Snapchat is said to be coming up with a similar “Favorite Stickers” section to showcase the stickers that you use frequently. We are sure the pupils of your eyes have dilated after reading this!

 3)    The “Shared Story” feature – You know what a story is and now Snapchat is coming with a “Shared Story” feature where you can add many contributors to the story like your friends and family members. Not only this your friends and family members can include their friends in the story too.

 4)    The “Remix Stories” feature – You will be able to “remix” stories with the “Remix Stories” feature that Snapchat is said to launch.

 5)    “Friend Check-up” notification – Snapchat will be sending “Friend Check-up” notifications from time to time so that you can review the profiles of your friends to ensure you add friends only to your profile and not strangers. This privacy feature is sure to make this app safer.


Snapchat might have already come up with the above features on Android and should be rolling these features on iOS soon if not done already.

Roll up your sleeves to use the above upcoming features!

Now that you know about the upcoming features of Snapchat, be ready to use them once they are all launched. These features are sure to keep you glued to Snapchat till Snapchat comes up with newer features.


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