Windows 10

Today in this post I will tell you 5 ways to delete temporary files in Windows 10. Whenever we working on our computer opening different files, different software windows 10 create some temp files. Over the long run, an ever-increasing number of temporary files will gather on your PC, which will take up your important drive space and even affect the performance of your PC. Windows 10 offers you various approaches to erase garbage documents on your PC. Today, we will examine the best and quickest approaches to delete temporary files in Windows 10. For that, we will utilize different methods like Disk Management, Disk Cleanup, Storage Sense, and more. We will likewise disclose to you how you can manually delete temp files in Windows 10. So right away, we should look at how we can delete temporary files in Windows 10.

Method 1: Clear Temporary Files using windows10 built-in settings

First, go to the windows setting page by pressing the win + I key then click on the system

Click on Storage on the left side, and afterward select your os main drive C: on the right side

Choose temporary files. At that point, Windows 10 will check your C drive for temporary files

Presently all temporary file types in your Windows 10 are shown on this page, including thumbnails, Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files, etc. click on the temporary files you want to delete.

And then click on the Remove files button at the top to clear all the temporary files.

Method 2: Clear Temporary using disk clean up

Type disk cleanup in the start menu search box. At the point when the disk Cleanup application shows up in the outcome list, click on it to open the disk Cleanup application.

In the Drive Selection dialog box, select your operating system drive (commonly drive C 🙂 and click OK

Under the disk clean up tab, you can see different option click on temporary files and click ok

You will be inquired as to whether you make certain to permanently delete your files. Click Delete files to confirm it

Method 3: Clear temporary files using Command Prompt

First press win + r key type in search box cmd at the point when the cmd application shows up in the outcome list, click on it to open the command prompt

In the Command Prompt window, type del /q/f/s %temp%\*and press Enter. This will delete all the temporary files in your Windows 10.

Method 4: Clear temporary files manually from File Explorer

Press the win + r key to open the run dialog box, at that point type temp and click ok. This will take you straightforwardly to the folder that stores Windows temporary files.

Inside the folder, press Ctrl + A to select all the temporary files, and then press the Shift + Delete key to permanently delete them all. 

And then type %temp% in the Run box and click OK to go directly to the folder that stores the temporary files created by apps

Press Ctrl + A to select all the temporary files, and then press the Shift + Delete key to permanently delete them all. 

Method 5: Using a Third-party app to delete temporary files

Windows 10 produces various ways for you to remove transient files, so overall, there is no requirement to adopt any third-party tool. However, Windows 10 generates more types of temporary files, such as various data cached, font caches, backup caches, cookies, log files, scan history, and more. If you want to clear more temporary files or other unnecessary junk files from your Windows 10 to free up more disk space, a third-party cleanup tool will be more effective.

This way you can speed up your pc and free up disk space by deleting all your temporary files from windows 10